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Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Winslows Livermore catering reviews by Customer WalterB
Walter B.

Incredible catering. There’s lots of yummy food to pick from. Loved their sandwich trays. Had the one that had Pastrami and peppered Turkey, jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and mayo. Delicious!

Winslows Livermore catering reviews by Customer GlennP
Glenn P.

We use them to cater all of our corporate meals. They always provide us with delicious food and we can always rely on them. I would highly recommend this company for anyone who wants reliable and easy catering.

Customer YasmeenH reviews for valley catering livermore ca yelp
Yasmeen H.

They deliver which the company and myself LOVE!… I like their customer service and help when ordering the catering we do on some Fridays. Thanks for your great service and yummy sandwiches.

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jelly sandwich with ice cream for food catering in livermore ca

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